Monday, April 13, 2009


Roll back the stone, it’s Easter Sunday.
You are upset with us when we can’t believe
that you don’t remember the stories of Jesus.
Once we get to talking, your angry tears flow.
Upset because you say we didn’t teach you about
these things or take you to church for a religion.

Your younger days of preschool, you told us of
David killing the Giant, Daniel in the Lion’s Den,
Joe Fuss and his special coat of many colors too.
You were intrigued by all the Bible’s greatest hits.
Amazing stories told everyday by your teachers.
Now, you can’t remember them, like Algebra-
if you don’t use it for some time, you lose it.

You blame us for not giving you a religion.
We say, “let’s go to church, I’ll take you Sunday.”
But you don’t really want to go, you just feel
left out when all your classmates speak of
communion, conformation, The Pope, saints,
godmothers, Ash Wednesday, and CCD classes.
When they ask you about your religion you say
that you don’t have one and stare at their faces.

You don’t tell them that we taught you to notice
the blue jay’s song, the purple crocus on the lawn.
You don’t tell them how we stand looking out on
the mountaintop each summer gazing at the pure
magnificence of God’s creation and thank him.
You don’t tell them about being kind to others,
helping family, doing all you can to protect them.
You don’t tell them about taking pride in your work,
valuing each moment, feeling fortunate for health
and living each day with a heart full of love for life.

Don’t feel that you must go to a special building,
a certain architecture with all the right decorations.
Don’t feel like you must follow a systematic routine,
turning to page 257 in the hymnal to sing what you
are told to sing, responding to some man’s directions.
Don’t feel like you must give an envelope each week.
Go, if you feel like it, to the backyard, say a few words,
drink in the morning air, and devour the sunshine.



A good isue brought up here Lorenzo, I was brought up to go
to church and Sunday school,but when I got married and had small babies It was not possible to attend so regulary. My children grew up going to church my 2 sons were altar boys but as they got older they just don't go......they believe in the church but just don't go.

Hope you had a good Easter


Shadow said...

there are many ways to giving praise...

The Things We Carried said...

So many ways to teach our kids about God. So many things we hope our kids will one day recall.

Vevay Anderson said...

Well said! I am quite enjoying your blog...thanks for coming by mine!

Denny Lyon said...

Color me into the Amen! corner on this one. :)

Glad you found and joined my poetry blog - yours is so delightful! I try to put up all kinds of things to stimulate introspective writing for my fellow writers - and a few poems of my own.

As writers and poets it's what goes on around us that causes us to pause, take note, observe, and form an impression, decision or an entirely new thought on the subject.

Thanks for finding me!

Delwyn said...


Au. is a much less religiously oriented society than the US, few of us attend church...

We sent our kids to a Lutheran school because it offered other opportunities and had a caring environment however the greatest spiritual teaching is, as you say, a respect for and a sense of awe at the universe and a desire to do no harm.

Stephen Baird said...

great photos on your blog.
i like your layout too.