Friday, November 11, 2011


Like an awkward visit back to first grade

with its tiny chairs and puny desks, a trip

home reminds me of how long it’s been.

I’m confused when I drive by past places,

through neighborhoods with no one left.

I’m amazed by the growth of maple trees,

something has managed to thrive in town.

Businesses are closed on Commerce Street,

no signs of victory on the corner of Laurel.

Broad Street isn’t as wide as it used to be

and Pearl Street, no longer a precious gem.

A friend wrote in his yearbook, “Get out of

town it’s a dusty road to nowhere” and from

here, it seems like everyone took his advice.


Cameron said...

Ha - that is great. I love the tiny first grade chairs analogy, too, as it always feels like you've outgrown the places you left behind.

Really good stuff. I need to swing by and read more often (and outside of #novpad as well).

Cheers and good luck!

Anonymous said...

poignant. I know the feeling. Revisiting my old school was just like that.