Sunday, December 4, 2011


waiting for the nightly call of “Supper’s ready”.

November meant gray hooded sweatshirts and

cups of black coffee. Talking with you on the phone

you told me how dark it was already at home and I

realized how far west I was with daylight hanging on.

Some days the sky turned orange or purple, a few

hours later stars shined brighter than ever, the night

so dark you really can’t see your hand in front of you.

Some nights made me think about how I got there and

I’d tell you I didn’t know how good life was back then.

But that’s not true. Sadly I was like the so many others,

worrying about how things always have to end instead of

enjoying the moments. Twenty years later, I’m on my own

porch with a cup of coffee looking up at the sky, thankful

for where I am, all that I have, and for moments like this.


London Accountant said...

I like this poem's bitter-sweet tone - it leaves me feeling both fulfilled (in terms of a satisfying thematic cycle having been completed at the end) and sad, for times lost.

JH_Poetry said...

beautifully sad memories, glad your enjoying the present!