Saturday, March 3, 2012


"I don't want to be alone,

I want to be left alone."- Audrey Hepburn

I prefer to do my banking online.

I don’t answer my home phone.

I avoid going to the Post Office.

I Christmas shop on the internet.

I buy groceries in the early morning.

I still say "hello and see you later",

but I wave and always keep walking.

I like to prepare my coffee by myself.

I look for a seat by the window in the

Bagel Shop and I could do without the

Beyonce music blaring from speakers.

I’d rather not listen to the droning list of

Sports Center clichés on the flat screen

TV that’s suspended from the ceiling.

I take back roads, avoid highways,

go to dinner in the late afternoon.

I don’t want a table by old people,

babies, teens or families with kids.

I park at the back of the lot, far away

from the mess of cars that cruise rows

with blinkers in search of a front spot.

And when I come out of the stores,

each and every time, I find my Jeep

surrounded by trucks and other cars.

It’s a magnet that seems to attract

them or maybe it’s a well planned

conspiracy organized to make sure

my efforts to be left alone are in vain.


Kenia Cris said...

Well this is brilliant and I can totally relate. Sometimes I feel I'm really one step closer to hermitship than ever!

I wonder if it would be as inspiring to me as it was to Thoreau because it would totally make it worth it. :)

I would like to spend quality time with my thoughts in the woods, I'm sure I wouldn't miss the world you describe here at all!

Take care and keep smiling. :)

Anonymous said...

just a great poem, made me smile. seems to be almost like my own story. glad i have found this blog.
keep going.

Patent Attorney said...

I hadn't really thought about the distinction between "alone" and "left alone" before, and it is an important one. I like how the poem becomes like an epic tale - you against the world in a struggle to be left alone but always finding yourself crowded in - be it by the music in a cafe or by cars!

Create Girl said...

I think it's very easy to feel like that, but you just have to remember that people won't judge you, and if you do, they're not worth talking to anyway, there's no reason to be totally alone, even if you do prefer your own time sometimes, which is absolutely fine too!

Creative Holiday Girl said...

This is sad but relatable, and that Audrey Hepburn quote is surprising, I wouldn't have seen her as a modern day hermit!

Accountants Lady said...

I think a sense of introversion sometimes is nothing to be ashamed of. It shows you like yourself if you enjoy your own company! I absolutely see why you'd want to prepare some coffee and blast some Beyonce by yourself, that's some seriously good 'me' time!