Sunday, April 29, 2012


Time often makes me skip 1 of the day's 3 meals
and reminds me to take only 10 minute showers.
It put 19 spots on my hands, makes me squint a lot,
and filled my head with a 100,000 wiry white hairs.
It compels me to hurry out the door by at least 8,
insists I pay the mortgage by the first of the month.
It sends me off to bed by 11 in order to be sure and
get at least 6 hours of sleep for the next work day.

It forces me to teach 43 minute lessons in school.
It tells me to stop reading on page 156 for dinner.
It demands I quit writing to answer the telephone.
It makes me turn off a game in the seventh inning.
It gets me thinking about my 2 week vacation and
once I get there, it sends me back home. It has me
contemplate next year’s trip and what it will be like
in 15 years when I retire and I’ll travel so much more.

It nudges me along every five minutes in museums and
has me checking my watch while hiking on nature trails.
It tells me, have one for the road and turn out the lights.
It keeps me from staring too long out my back window
at blue jays, cardinals and crows. It won’t permit me to
grow an herb garden, a lilac hedge, 6 to 8 tomato plants,
or a row of 5 or 6 dogwood, cherry and magnolia trees.
It forces me to run around 4 weeks before the holiday,
then suddenly it’s over. Only 364 shopping days left!

It quickly aged our cat and dog, now all they do is sleep.
It takes me back to a specific candy store or pizza place
from my youth and has me craving cherry snow cones.
It stole my Gunsmoke lunchbox, baseball cards and
Fantastic Four comic books. It sold my Stingray bike
at a yard sale and it makes me cry while driving when
certain old songs from the 60’s or 70’s come on the radio.

Time made me say goodbye to friends and coworkers.
It took my grandparents too soon and my Dad at age 60.
In 3 years, it’ll send my only son away and off to college.
Then I’ll wait the 16 weeks until his first semester ends.
One day, time will run out for me and in 2 days I’ll have
a birthday, I’ll be 16,437 days old! But who’s counting? 


Anonymous said...

brilliant piece

Kitchen worktops guy said...

Excellent! I like how the plodding, inevitable rhythm of tie is enacted in the repetition of "It makes" - and the joke at the end!