Friday, May 30, 2014


Television before cable, 13 channels if you count the UHF,
did it even work, remember antennas on all the rooftops?
When the set was busted, we’d say Oh no, better call Ono!
Mr. Ono, a TV repair guy knew how to get it working again.
Now we put them on the curb, head on down to Best Buy.

Creature Double Feature on 48, Dr. Shock on channel 17 
from Philly, same time, Saturday afternoons, the Seventies.
Mighty Joe Young always on Channel 9, not sure about 5,
maybe that’s where Abbott and Costello met the monsters?
Now we laugh, can’t believe we watched in black and white.

When it was a little chilly and rainy on a Saturday, she’d say
Be a good day for a nap on the sofa and a Godzilla movie.
How come they don’t have any scary movies on TV anymore?
Only people our age would know what she meant by this.

Now it’s easy, she grabs the remote and finds one on Netflix.

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