Friday, January 21, 2011


for Baldemar Garza Huerta

I knew he was sick for a while, but it
still comes as a shock to hear of someone’s
passing when they’d been in your life so long.
Like a friend from your childhood or a classmate.
No, more like an old Uncle that you watched age
before your eyes, getting gray, heavy, moving slow.
And of course I won’t forget that day in Sam Goody,
a wise ass salesman couldn’t resist saying-
You want what? Nobody still listens to that!
And when I sat in my living room that afternoon
blasting Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, I sang along
and raised my fist in remembrance of the good times.
But you know I couldn’t help crying when I heard the
first few twangy notes, the nasal sounding syllables-
“and I’ll be there before the next tear drop falls”.

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ms pie said...

lorenzo so glad to have stopped by... it's been a fair while but found my way back... so happy you are moving towards publication... and freddie fender, love em... i remember when i saw him in person i acted like a giddie teenage schoolgirl... he was fabulous and smiled at me... i think i made his day... it is a sad day when someone you love passes on to another world... you have given him a beautiful eulogy if that's what i could call your pie