Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Did he ever say,"that’s enough poetry
about the birds and the oceans"?
Did she tell herself “I’m done writing
about the animals of the forest”?
Did the others ever just give up writing
about lost loves, death and regret?

More than once I sat to write and
found myself writing about all that
happened, all that didn’t happen.
More than once I stopped myself,
clicking the red X, and the No when
the computer prompted me to save.

More than once, I put down the pen,
closed the notebook, tore out the page,
tossed the paper to the side, looked away.
I wondered why I had this feeling, now.
Does it mean that all is forgiven or
does it mean I feel like it’s all been said?


gracefulglider said...

I like this piece!!
very thought provoking!

WR said...

Ending and starting over ~ recurrent themes in the life of the writer. Is there another way to express thought that will reach the mind of one more reader in a unique way? That one point of connection is worth all the tossed papers and frustrated deletions. I somethimes think that when humans stop creating - that moment marks the moment one begins to die.

Anyway, glad to see you are still creating. :)


Kay said...

haunting thought... all those thoughts and words tossed away....

it's true though.

Noelle said...

You know, I have destroyed so much of my own writing and every time I do, I always go back in my mind to try and reach for those thoughts - but they're gone for good! I still cross out, throw away and erase...

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Great poem! Can definitely relate!