Friday, November 23, 2012



-For Cassy, my wife

Did you miss me?
Are you on your way?
What do you want?
How about Thai food?
It’s Tuesday, they’re closed.
You don’t want pizza.
Wish you’d answer me.
Then I’d know what to bring.
One day I may be texting…
as I take my last breath.
Even then, you wouldn't answer.
Then you’d feel guilty forever.
Hope you’re on your way.
I’ll figure out the meal.
I’ll decide. Imagine that!
See you when I see you.
Answer when you get this.
But not if you’re driving down the road.

1 comment:

Bravo 95 guy said...

This is so moving. The way you've integrated (real?) text messages with these potential awful catastrophes is a chilling mixture of the real and the imagined - where the shock of a crash or accident becomes horribly likely in our minds as we read.