Saturday, January 12, 2013


A pool does not have sandpipers or
plovers pecking the shore for a meal.
There aren't any ghost crabs popping
out of well fashioned tunnels or caves.
The pool does not have pelicans soaring
and dive bombing into a school of fish.

It doesn't have soft white burning sand,
or cool soothing sand at the water’s edge.
No shiny rocks, sand crabs, or minnows.
At the pool, I won’t find a shell with a tiny
hole to make a fine necklace out of with a
section of white twine from a bakery box.

A pool has babies with diapers and parents
making wee-ing sounds to make it seem fun.
It has cannon balling, Marco Polo, old ladies
in floral bathing caps, hairy men attempting
Olympic style laps, stinky bleach, noisy filters,
and Rules for those who lack common sense.

1 comment:

Worktops guy said...

Look at pools in hotel pictures! They're never as you expect them to be, they're packed full of children and they're small.