Saturday, May 11, 2013


The fuse box was flickering, it needed updating.
The faucet came off the sink, it needed changing.
The light switch snapped, it needed doctoring.
The cord of the fan came out, it needed rewiring.
The kitchen window cracked, it needed replacing.
The heater stopped working, it needed refurbishing.
The water meter was inaccurate, it needed correcting.
The cable was always pix-elating, it needed upgrading.
The slop sink had a crack in it, it needed mending.
The hot water heater was leaking, it needed patching.
The sewer line was clogged again, it needed snaking.
The wiring wasn't up to code, it needed revamping.
The cabinets were stained, they needed refacing.
The closets were cluttered, they needed reorganizing.
The hinges came off the gate, they needed tightening.
The living room was uninviting, it needed redecorating.
The dining room was full of ants, it needed spraying.
The wood floors were scratched, they needed polishing.
The furnace was the original, it needed removing.
The fence slats began to rot, they needed mending.
The landscaping looked messy, it needed revitalizing.
The mailbox fell off the rail, it needed re-affixing.
The lawn was full of bare spots, it needed reseeding.
The weeds grew in the patio's cracks,they needed pulling.
The driveway was cracking, it needed resealing.
The front porch was gray and aging, it needed painting.
The storm door was sagging, it needed adjusting.
The siding was moss covered, it needed power washing.
The shingles were aged and worn, it needed re-roofing.
The costs rose and the bills piled up, it was never ending.
The family’s bank account emptied, they needed lending.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Nothing like
a 52 inch
flat screen to
bring us all
together each night to watch
games, movies, our shows.