Sunday, July 18, 2010


He’s not wearing a button down
light blue shirt or a long sleeve
white shirt with a striped yellow tie.
He’s not carrying a brief case and he doesn’t
have an open lap top on the sofa next to him.
They did not leave a Wall Street Journal
on the floor in front of his hotel room door.
He didn’t ask for a receipt as he purchased coffee.
He doesn’t have a blue tooth in his ear and
he did not talk loud enough for all to hear
his latest idea, business deal, or proposal.


Anonymous said...

Great poems, Lorenzo! Meet The Poet is one of my favourites. Please keep up the great work and best wishes!
Jim Wilson (Jimmy Couplet).

Anonymous said...

enjoyed this piece....

Valerie said...

I felt like this wasn't over. Not looking for some kind of pithy moral, but maybe a description of what he is instead. I'm assuming this is about unemployment, but I'd rather have some slight tip-off than be left assuming. Good collection of images, well chosen and arranged.