Friday, July 30, 2010


Snails the size of quarters,
black and yellow caterpillars,
skinny squirrels of a different color.
Keep a lookout for aggressive bears.

A strange man runs by in flip flops,
cheap Dollar Store flip flops,
going full speed over jagged rocks
and rugged tree roots, like an Inca
or Aztec is what comes to mind.
You thought of Ancient Greece.
Either one, all I know is that I’m glad
to be wearing my Merrill hiking boots.

Ladies in dresses with fancy shoes
just come from Church, it is Sunday.
Husbands in khaki long pants, polo shirts
and infants strapped to their chests.

Little hillbilly children walking barefoot
for two and a half miles to swim in
the falls, the ones that have the sign-
Four deaths have occurred here
from drowning, please don’t be next.


Luuuuuua said...

felicitari pentru blog

April said...

Such a very familiar view often seen in these areas. Fascinating writing with great visuals, especially from another who knows. :) April

Annie said...

This reminds me of some over traveled hiking trails I've been on. I love my Merrells, too!

Lisa said...

Wonderful poem,beautiful photo, great site. Thanks for sharing.