Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My cruise control is set to 65,
you know how Virginia is, especially
when it’s Fourth of July weekend.
Above Highway 81 North, stands
an old guy in a black leather vest
and a POW-MIA biker bandana.
He jumps up and down, waving the
American flag on a 6 foot long pole.
His red, white, and blue sign says-
Remember, Freedom is Not Free.
He jumps extra high and hollers as
the driver of a Kenilworth hauling
Little Debbie Snack cakes yanks on
the air horn, to second that emotion.


Kay said...

probably the only reason to leave your home in DC metro area is to people watch for the 4th of July.

You captured it splendidly!

Glynn said...

That's about as American as the 4th of July can get. Cool poem.