Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sometimes we stack it up all week long.
Catalogues piled on the table every day,
businesses we ordered from years ago-
Hanes Her Way, L.L. Bean, Gaelsong.
Refinancing from mortgage companies,
always in some official looking envelopes
presorted postage, labeled with labels like
to our friends, Open at once, time sensitive.

Offers from Discover and American Express,
Alumni Associations begging for more money
join stacks of special life insurance policies.
Local Shopper’s Guides, Money Mailers with
offers and coupons to places we’ll never go.
My wife’s Smithsonian magazine, she doesn’t
have time to read it. And every quarter we get
a water/sewer bill on a small white post card.

Saturday mornings, I sit with a cup of coffee
to tear open envelopes, rip them to pieces,
drop them into the kitchen trash can and think
about how there are no handwritten letters on
floral stationery sent in colorful pastel envelopes.
Gone are those who used to send them to us and
soon, says the News, the Post Office will be too.
I wonder who’ll bring all this junk mail to us then.

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