Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It was the third week in February.
I remember it was President’s Day.
In Jersey it’s usually cold and gray,
we had sunshine and warm weather.
It was a buyer’s market, they said.

A realtor showed me houses here
and there, only ones I could afford
with my minimum down payment.
When we drove up to this one, I knew
it was what they called a starter home.

I didn’t care if it was small or very old.
I wanted a yard for my son to play and
a place for flowers and tomato plants.
I wanted him to have a decent school
and a safe neighborhood to grow up in.

I worried about taxes and a mortgage.
but when I saw the color, I wanted it.
Earlier, before I left, I’d asked my son-
What kind do you want? and he said,
I want a blue one, get us a blue house.

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