Thursday, August 20, 2015

SeaWorld, South River

There’s a commotion down at the bridge tonight,
the one by the plumber’s and old comic book shop.
Yellow and black crime scene tape drapes the trees,
a part time cop sets up plenty of orange safety cones.

There’s a dolphin swimming near the bridge tonight,
he took a wrong turn, went up into the Raritan Bay,
continued up the creeks and waterways to this place.
And all of the experts don’t know what they can do.

There’s a lot of people standing at the bridge today,
entire families, all with cameras, iphones, and ipads.
The poor creature surfaces for air, they take snapshots
and videos of him jumping like the football team’s logo.

There’s an ABC-TV news van on the bridge tonight,
capturing shrieks, squeals, and wows of the onlookers.
They tell a reporter it’s awesome, quite amazing to see.
I saved a ton of money, didn’t have to travel to Florida.

There’s a dead dolphin down by the bridge this morning.
he washed up on the shoreline, confused and exhausted.
This was no place for him, too many cameras, no way out.
This week’s casualty, the ongoing story of Man vs Nature.

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